Announcing SuiteCX List Manager

Visualize Recommendations, Moments that Matter, Initiatives, or create a Pain Point map – List Manager makes it easy and fast.

List Manager ‘sees’ inside IPoints to display data that you have already entered and allows you to add additional comments as needed.  For those who want total freedom, you can create your own lists with any content you want.

List Manager is available with 10 visualization options including Emotional Comments; Findings or Recommendations;  Planned or Unplanned Touchpoint Comments; Pain Point Comments; Moments that Matter Comments; Initiatives (find and fix programs) and free form test.  List Manager turns your map into a report or with the right data, a dashboard. Explicitly showing Pain Point and Moments that Matter under touchpoints makes it easier for you to tell your stories in detail.

Watch the video, see how to make a report with list manager.

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