SuiteCX Announces Scalable IPoints!

Another new feature that you all have requested is really cool, and it is specific to our Story Maps. What we’ve implemented is auto-scaling the border of the IPoint based on how much text is being used.

SuiteCX Announces the Recycle Bin!

This is a simple improvement, but what a difference it makes. Never again live in fear of accidentally deleting one of your maps or (even worse!) one of your colleagues’ maps!

SuiteCX Announces Font Controls!

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to pick a good web-based font for your IPoints? How about the font size? Well, we’ve solved for that as well!

SuiteCX Announces the Atlas!

In keeping with our theme this year of listening to our customers we have deployed a couple of new features that will hopefully be quite exciting for you.

March 2020 Release Notes

Next comprehensive application release 2.2, High-resolution Printer Phase 2, Trash Can, Gizmo CSS Style (gadget, gear and widget) integration, Map Atlas

SuiteCX Rolls out Data Management Enhancement!

Data scientists, architects, & dimensional logic junkies are going to love this one. Also, those of you who want to do things faster, and in bulk. Manage your IPoint data like a pro with our new and improved IPoint database.