PRG Brasil

Since 1999 in Latin America, PRG BRASIL – formerly Peppers & Rogers Group – provides consulting for the three major areas of Customer Experience: Marketing, Sales and Customer Service. They deliver complete business solutions from C-level customer strategy to technology-specific process design; from customer segmentation to campaign management; from loyalty programs to voice of customer (VoC) programs. They have a long history with customer experience design and measurement, from comprehensive touchmaps to detailed customer journey maps. They partner with SuiteCX to bring ease and flexibility to CX design and measurement.

They serve clients in 13 countries in Latin America: Banco Itaú, BASF, DuPont, Embraer, FMC, Honda, Linde Gas, Pernod Ricard, Syngenta, Verizon, Vivo, Volkswagen, Walmart.

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Gallatin Consulting

You and your market insight teams deserve to work with a tailored market insights company that truly understands the technology marketplace. Gallatin combines 25 Years of global market research expertise, technology market knowledge, and market insights deployment technology to deliver you greater ROI. Our custom market research solutions have been developed and fine-tuned over the years to address the increasingly complex technology environment. The bottom line, GALLATIN’s focus translates into more valuable insights for you and your technology-related marketing teams.

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About Ellipsis

Our mission is to create value for our clients by applying Customer Science® across the full spectrum of the customer experience

An Ellipsis is the ‘three dots’ at the end of a sentence, an unfinished thought…

Our name represents the essence of what we do: we help our clients complete their unfinished understanding of the customer. Read More

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The Customer Experience Company

At The Customer Xperience Company we provide clients with a full service consulting offering focused on identifying and deploying the best strategies, processes and tools to enable brands to maximize customer lifetime value. We recognize the omni-channel imperative and the inherent challenges that it brings to most companies which need to plan, organize and execute in a continuous fashion while eliminating both organizational and technological silos.

Built from thirty+ years of industry leading experience and expertise in the areas of digital transformation, analytic insight creation and agile technology development, the CXCO’s multi-tiered approach to maximizing customer value is designed to accelerate your time to market and maximize ROI.

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CX University

CX University is comprised of highly experienced professionals passionate about the discipline. CX University is a training organization tailored to provide the on-the-go professional development in the CX discipline. It is a forward-looking organization keeping tabs on the best of the CX discipline, offering online options, webinars, and live custom workshops. The online option makes it convenient with anywhere and anytime learning and students learn independently and with the best minds in the field.

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Elena Alfaro

Elena Alfaro, the founder of the company and the developer of the innovation project “Fanscinology, the clever way” has a doctorate in economics and business sciences. More specifically, the area of specialization and the project itself are concerned with customer experience and emotional management of organizations from a holistic perspective. The Elena Alfaro (EA) methodology is innovative principally because it proposes the changing of the organizational culture from one that may want to install a “Emotions Centric” organization. The aim is not to sell more products and services, but to create organixations that attract customers to the products and services, the point is to generate “fans”.
EA’s approach is part of a wider recognition that female instincts and knowledge, placing higher emphasis on emotions rather than mainly the rational mind, should play an increasingly important role in preparing organizations to deal with modern existential challenges. Organizations and institutions are the fabric of modern societies and need to become sustainable in all senses, assuming responsibility for the externalities of their activities, and to address road-mapped policies which will contribute to competitiveness. Customer experience and emotional management is therefore not a marketing activity but instead it is a basic strategy as part of the overall sustainability of organizations – to be socially inclusive and ‘humane’, environmentally sustainable and economically viable.

The EA methodology essentially combines psychology, strategy, philosophy and neuroscience. As a result the EA ecosystem provides a transformational experience for organizations that adopt it through changing the way people relating with the organization think and feel, with an emphasis placed on feelings.

The EA methodology is based on creating an ecosystem extended throughout the organization where experiences and emotions are the center.

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EPIC Consulting

EPIC is a management consulting firm formed in Dubai, UAE with a mission to help businesses experience ‘Customer Centric’ growth. EPIC has a step approach, i.e. Explore & Mine, Proposition, Innovate and Check to help our clients build customer centricity in to their DNA. While the approach starts with ‘Insight Mining’ services to explore and mine the existing treasure troves (data) that organizations hold, in most cases we structure engagements with a combination of analytics and our ‘Think Customer’ consulting services such as Customer Journey Mapping, Voice of Customer program development and support, customer needs analysis, transformation road-mapping services etc., according to the specific requirements of our clients depending on where they are on their customer centricity journey. EPIC also offers several public training / workshop programs designed to build awareness around customer centricity and to provide hands-on training on critical customer centricity building tools such as customer journey mapping.

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Harte Hanks

Harte Hanks is a professional services firm dedicated to connecting brands with customers to move them from awareness, to action, to brand loyalty. Harte Hanks develops integrated, multichannel marketing solutions that deliver millions of customer interactions every day through traditional, digital, social and emerging marketing solutions.

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ipvive, inc.
People. Understood. Instantly.

Our EQ-OS adds automatic summarization and association with guided learning to uniquely understand people and deepen relationships, instantly.

We are transforming the way businesses build relationships with their customers by pairing scientific theorems with an individual’s emotions, behaviors and environments data to generate actionable insights, dynamically. A SaaS, our EQ-OS:

  • Integrates and expands best of breed point solutions into a unified Customer Understandings and Relationship System.
  • Automatically summarizes and associates a user’s data and inputs with Guided Learning.
  • Offers unequaled quality while being highly scalable.
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Lodestar is an advisory services firm that helps clients create, manage, and utilize information and intelligence of all kinds to solve complex business problems. With the goal improving business performance and driving growth, the firm is built around six major practice areas – marketing research and decision sciences, information management, innovation, marketing effectiveness, customer experience management, and strategy acceleration. Lodestar also offers specialized services in areas such as competitive intelligence, technology scouting, intellectual property assessment, future forecasting, performance measurement, marketing effectiveness, ROI assessment, strategic planning, sales force effectiveness, and go-to-market strategy.

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