Announcing SuiteCX® Version 1.12

SuiteCX® releases its newest software version. Version 1.12 is a breakout release including persona mapping, heat mapping improvements, decora maps, text-only IPoints, and several new customization options. Version 1.12 is available for all SuiteCX customers.

Persona Development and Mapping: As a result of SuiteCX customer requests we released a beta version of persona/segment (P/S) mapping. P/S offers a wizard like interface to help practitioners understand and develop stunning P/S maps while acquiring and tracking P/S attributes and metrics. The new P/S module augments SuiteCX’s existing segmentation package. P/S mapping is our newest CX innovation allowing ‘as is’, ‘transitional’ and ‘to be’ P/S versions. These maps are visually appealing and informative.

Improvements to Suitecx’s Database 1 Interface: phase 2 of database 1 is in beta. The release makes available mass change functionality as well as the ability to transfer IPoints from any map to any other map. Database 1 is a searchable/sortable tabular/spreadsheet like interface with new mass copy, clone and delete functionality. This is a real time saver for practitioners.

Custom Client Modules: in 2015 we received new customization requests from our clients for personalized/proprietary workflow, feature functionality, and new maps. Custom modules make development of client requests quicker at reduced cost. Unlike previous efforts at customization, clients can now have completely secure intellectual properties, even on a shared server. SuiteCX’s ability to adapt to client needs is one of our greatest value added benefits.

HMC Heat Mapping: HMC stands for Hot, Medium and Cool. Heat mapping has been available in SuiteCX from day one but never like this. We extended heat mapping to diagnostics and grid maps in an easy to use click on/off toggle for quick visual results. Heat maps show clusters of colors that demonstrate vital customer emotions.

Text only IPoints: as a response to customer requests we developed a new text only IPoint (interaction points) to augment our 5 existing IPoints choices. Text only IPoints reduce space and load times so stories can be told in words as well as pictures. IPoints highlight an interaction between a customer and an organization.

Customizable Score Naming: SuiteCX continues to move towards a future where all elements of our interface are customizable and nameable. This incredible feature makes SuiteCX more useful to clients who have their own nomenclature and business requirements.

Decora Grid Map Background: Decora allows users to colorize grid maps and make locating columns and rows on large maps easier. Decora colorized columns and rows; some say it make grid maps beautiful.

About SuiteCX

SuiteCX® allows users to make fact based decisions and process improvements that are grounded in the customer experience. Customer-centric diagnostics; touch inventories, experience maps, data-driven persona, customer storytelling and precision marketing are all components of this groundbreaking software. SuiteCX maps and manages the customer experience visually.

For more information about SuiteCX Software visit or contact Michael Hill CTO and President [email protected]

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