April 2018 Release Notes

SuiteCX Release Notes

Enhanced Download Dialog 2.0

Simplified and structured access to map and IPoint data in and out of SuiteCX. Download Dialog 2.0 uses some changes to the interface to expose what is most important near the top left and less important further down. The interface has full access to all map and IPoint data and a connection to the Map Editor 2.0.  

  • Improved practitioner input
  • Improved practitioner output
  • UX standardization
  • Major Release

Map Sharing Link (simplified URLs)

Registration and login required – the so-called “w” URL interface makes maps much simpler to share. The URL is abbreviated. The user bypasses search and landing pages directly to a map.

  • Customer request
  • Improved third-party communications

Updated help system

We added a calendar of events and new training videos.

  • UX experience

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