Customer Journey Mapping

Customer JourneyMapping (CJM) and Infographics are powerful tools for envisioning, designing and visualizing a holistic experience from the customer’s point of view. CJMs and infographics enable the team and its executives to gain a clear understand of the future experience in intuitive pictures. It enables teams to collaborate on a central vision and put themselves into the minds of customers. It helps them to see every interaction for its own (inclusive of channels, data and even emotions) as well as see the interactions in concert.

Some of the features include:

  • Understand your Customer Touchpoints and Interactions
  • Capture VOC insights Tie in NPS to specific Moments that Matter
  • Visualize where you add or detract from each interaction
  • Pain Point mapping
  • Graphic Design level quality maps and print outs
  • Current State and Future State modeling and innovation
  • Load benchmarks and Survey Results
  • Create Roadmaps with prioritized project initiatives
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