January 2019 Release Notes

SuiteCX Release Notes

Auto-Map – List Manager

Shows data from inside IPoints on layered maps automatically – change the underlying data and the map changes too to reflect. List manager was designed to expose embedded IPoint data on layered maps; as a List of Initiatives when you want to connect an IPoints to Initiatives in our Roadmap; or connect a List of Initiatives by journey phase; or a List of IPoint with Findings and/or Recommendations. You can connect a List of IPoint Emotions Comments; IPoint General Comments, Pain-Point descriptive dialogue, IPoint Moments of Truth, Planned and/or Unplanned IPoint descriptive dialogue or “add your own list” with Freeform. Lists are displayed as Bulleted, Numbered, Descriptor (image), and Colored Point Bullets with full descriptive text. Really helpful….

  • Improved practitioner output
  • Improved third-party communications
  • Improved storytelling
  • Improved analytics and decision making
  • Improved auto-mapping/time-saving features
  • Innovation – a huge breakthrough
  • SuiteCX Tutorial on how to use list managers

Upgraded Audit Trail

Tracking project, map and IPoint changes – automatic audit trail that is not deleted when maps are. As a further security layer; SuiteCX has begun to log all changes to maps by user login id and IP.

  • Improved security

Updated help system

We started using videos in short format to replace static content. We are serious about our customers being successful so we are constantly updating our help documents and reaching out to practitioners to see how we can help them be more successful.

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