July 2019 Release Notes

SuiteCX Release Notes

Cloning Screen Elements

Clone any screen element – a time saver – a customer request came to us where they were using various screen elements over and over again, and thought it would be a real time-saver to clone an element instead of searching for it — then adding it to the screen – so we made it for them and everyone else.

  • Customer request
  • Improved auto-mapping/time-saving features

Configure iPoint Display per map

Change the look-feel and functionality of IPoints on maps. From the start of SuiteCX until this point we used a number of IPoint templates specific to a type of map. Story maps had story IPoints templates and inventory had warehouse IPoints templates etc.… Configure iPoint Display allows practitioners to choose to show or hide Descriptors, IPoint Background color, Emotional colors, IPoint Icons, Upper Left Scores, Persona/Segments bubbles, IPoint Borders, and Connectors so practitioner have extensive control of the UI. In a sense, it makes hundreds of possible options and provides a default look-feel if you don’t want to make any changes.

  • Improved storytelling
  • Innovation

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