March 2018 Release Notes

SuiteCX Release Notes

API CXM File Format

Upload/download and save maps in SuiteCX CXM file format – SuiteCX allows a complete back-up file to be downloaded from one project then uploaded to another or any map in a unique format that captures all the screen elements.

Persona Widget

The Persona widget takes already built persona data from our extended PS System and allows it to be shared with any map. There are two widgets both with images and data; one small and one large.  Two clicks to use….

Persona Creation Tools

Persona Creation Tools is an extensive makeover of our Persona/Segment System (PS). We simplified functionality, exposed more data fields and made the feature friendlier to the eye. All Elements are drag and drop so you can design the kind of presentation you want. We went halfway on the API updates but will hold off on further development.

  • Improved practitioner input
  • Improved third-party communications
  • Improved storytelling
  • Improved analytics and decision making
  • Improved auto-mapping/time saving features
  • Innovation
  • Major Release
  • SuiteCX Tutorial on how to make a persona map

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