Master Customer Experience Design Mapping

Developing maps that are actionable, audience sensitive and aesthetically pleasing is a trade craft-experienced practitioners have mastered. Actionable customer experience design supports a representation of a problem and solution or a communication plan to drive action. Audience sensitivity is a presentation that engages the audience. Executives want to see problems and/or solutions that are easy to identify and not ultra-detailed. While practitioners need detail to drive decisions, executives generally do not. The function of being aesthetically pleasing flows from the optimal use of both emotional and data mapping techniques.

SuiteCX introduces its simple to use “blue line series” and “blue line helpers.” The blue line series is an aesthetically pleasing option to present activities and jobs on our maps. Blue line helpers add detail by overlaying elements to story maps; the effect allows novice mappers to create complex, professional customer experience designs and journey maps with a few clicks. The results are highly engaged views that also have the ability to layer in service blueprints, scores and UX or imagery to make them more actionable while still being aesthetically pleasing. Blue line helpers come in 1, 2 and 3 swim lane styles and take just a few minutes to master. Watch the video — see how easy it is.

Blue Line Helper Blue Line Helper

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