May 2018 Release Notes

SuiteCX Release Notes

IPoint 360 Funneling and IPoint Tracing

The iPoint 360 is a drill down into IPoint data to expose both key information in a graphical format and important text like comments and emotional description. Funneling allows us to connect IPoints in a parent-child relation to drill down into important phases of the funnel. IPoint tracing automatically connects IPoints when they have a common ancestor. In the funnel is the descriptive text from the SuiteCX descriptor, EES and findings and recommendations.

  • Improved storytelling
  • Improved analytics and decision making
  • Innovation
  • UX simplification

IPoint 360 Campaign Information

IPoint 360 Campaign Information and descriptor text information into IPoint 360….

  • Customer request
  • Improved storytelling
  • Improved analytics and decision making

IPoint 360 UX

SuiteCX launched a new graphical user interface and a more detailed deep dive into IPoint data. IPoint 360 has a facelift and has become much easier to use and print.  The new interface makes visual scanning easy. The interface is a dashboard of how any give touch point or customer experience is doing.

  • Improved practitioner output
  • Improved third party communications
  • Performance/quality upgrade
  • UX simplification
  • Major Release
  • SuiteCX Tutorial on the IPoint

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