May 2019 Release Notes

SuiteCX Release Notes


Toggle between Story, Line Graph, and Lifecycle Overlay Story Map Types using same data. This feature is built into the 2.0 Map Editors as an auto-map time saver, just click through to see the various UI and Data changes by map type. Line Graph maps require IPoints with customer scores. This provides 3 maps with the same data.

  • Improved auto-mapping/time-saving features
  • Innovation

Upgraded Tracking for map and project modify-date

Map modify-date now updates with every change to a map or map[ element; so that map automatically floats to the top in the map database search results – making the last worked on map easer to find. This also modifies the project modify date in the project management area for a quick scan of which projects are being worked on.

  • Customer request
  • Performance/quality upgrade
  • Improved security

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