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We have some new curated resources to help you broaden your knowledge around customer experience, journey mapping, and journey analytics. Please visit our new SuiteCX Brand Channel on YouTube for additional resources.

Karmic networking

What is networking? What is Karmic Networking?

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Life as a Consultant

So, you want to be a consultant? Here are some tips and techniques to follow so you can become successful in the consulting field.

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Managing the Hill of Anger

When you are faced with an angry person, you will be either part of the problem or you can be part of the solution!

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Digital Product Management

In today’s internet-driven world, customers have more power than ever. If customers have a positive customer experience, they will share this experience with friends, family, and connections, which in turn can lead to new business.

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How CX Influences and Informs UX

Many companies have fully siloed groups that focus on CX (BIG PICTURE!) and UX, Digital Marketing or Transformation. This results in a gap in both strategy and execution.

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Do We Mine the Gap or Mind It?

Ever wonder why there is such a gap between all the hard work you do in getting your Voice of the Customer and Net Promoter Scores to yield a documented result?

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Running an Agile Customer Journey

Running an agile customer journey workshop agenda, prep and tips.

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