Noted Customer Experience expert Martha Rodgers, Ph.D. joins SuiteCx

Oakland, California – April 17, 2014

Martha Rogers, Ph.D. has joined the Board of Directors of suitecxTM, Inc., a SaaS based customer experience management software company, as Chairman.

Dr. Rogers, a renowned expert in customer relationship management for over 20 years, joined the Board just as suitecx launched its first set of software modules designed to centralize and visualize the customer experience for clients across all industries. These product modules — visualizecxTM, diagnosticcxTM, and precisioncxTM — bring disparate sources of rational and emotional customer experience data into one collaborative location, so that client companies can focus on customer-driven improvements and enhancements, rather than on drawing, building presentations, and juggling spreadsheets.

“Visualizing the customer experience has long been relegated to two-dimensional illustration, presentation, and spreadsheet tools,” Dr. Rogers says. “It`s about time a collaborative software such as suitecx takes valuable processes such as customer journey mapping, contact strategy and campaign planning and brings them alive in such a compelling way. The suitecx catchphrase says it all: If you can see it, you can do it.SM”

Dr. Rogers has been a vocal proponent of using software tools and data to improve the customer experience, and she has also developed a proprietary measure of a company`s trustworthiness — the TrustabilityNowTM index. This effort links closely to the mission of suitecx, which is that customers are people, who are at the center of business success. Without trust, that success is at risk.

“We are thrilled to have Martha join our Board as Chair,” states Valerie Peck, CEO of suitecx. “Her reputation, influence and strategic acumen will serve as a catalyst to help suitecx reach its goal to become the gold standard of customer experience visualization tools.”

Recognized for more than 20 years as one of the leading authorities on customer-focused relationship management strategies, Martha Rogers, Ph.D. is the co-author, with Don Peppers, of nine business books, including international best-sellers and a textbook on customer relationships. She is Founder of TrustabilityNowTM, Adjunct Professor at Duke, on the Board of suitecx, and Founder Emerita of Peppers & Rogers Group, now part of TeleTech.

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