October 2019 Release Notes

SuiteCX Release Notes

Updated our self-guided learning experience and training videos

We moved our video training onto YouTube. We made the decision to move our video training library to YouTube from Vimeo to further distribute our knowledge library.

  • Improved practitioner output
  • UX simplification
  • UX experience
  • SuiteCX YouTube channel w/ 3 Playlists (full-length webinars, short tutorials, and thought leadership)

Upgrade to Statistics UI and Functionality

Makeover for basic and advanced statistics package – accommodates how custom descriptors impact IPoints. As per a customer requested we updated our statistic packages to account for custom descriptors and scores and added more graphical elements.

Layered Map Configuration Rules

Layered maps now have more user-friendly map rules that are triggered automatically – making mistakes impossible. To continue our drive for interface simplification we make it simple to choose which application for which row in layered maps. No more issues with UI in the final presentation.

  • Performance/quality upgrade
  • UX simplification

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