September 2018 Release Notes

SuiteCX Release Notes

API update

Access to metrics is a minor update to our import and export API exposing metrics as JSON data; this makes integrations with third parties easier with less ETL. API 2.0 improvements….

  • Customer request
  • Improved practitioner input

Updated help system and training videos

The newest upgrade explains 360 and custom features importation features.

Auto-Map Graph under Journey or Process

Show scores in line graph from under a journey or process row – we updated this to serve company scores as it already did customer scores. We placed a highlighted line graph depicting the 3 company scores just below the story row to read data directly from IPoint company scores. If scores are missing the graph line associated with that score is hidden. How easy is that?

  • Customer request
  • Improved practitioner output
  • Improved third-party communications
  • Improved storytelling
  • Improved analytics and decision making
  • Improved auto-mapping/time-saving features
  • Innovation

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