September 2019 Release Notes

SuiteCX Release Notes

Revived Map Copy

No changes to clone here but back by customer demand is map copy – where cloning creates a new map with new IPoints from an existing map; copy creates a new map with existing IPoints. Clone is useful for “As-Is” and “To-Be” like mapping where you want a static and different set of data; while copy is good for various looks at the same data in 2 or more maps and near real-time updates. The original feature was part of version 0.4, then removed in 1.0 then revived today.

  • Customer request

Thin Blue Line Backgrounds and Helpers

Thin blue lines accent traditional blue line helpers but with a more compact UI impact. Standard blue lines are extremely popular with practitioners but there was a minor complaint about the background being a bit overwhelming in a story. Thin blue lines address that issue.

  • Customer request
  • Improved storytelling
  • UX simplification
  • UX experience

Floating Gadgets Textbox enhancements

More features, uniformed text editor – replaces layered map textboxes; one of our customers asked us for increasingly more complex features in layered map embedded text boxes. Because we could not accommodate without risking issues with broken HTML inadvertently added to SuiteCX by practitioners; we created more features for our highly scalable/stable floating textbox gadgets and removed embedded text boxes from service.

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