SuiteCX® 1.3.1 Offers Great New Tools and Training for Practitioners

SuiteCX® is pleased to announce our newest incremental release: SuiteCX® 1.3.1. This exciting update features a comprehensive Help System, training through SuiteCX University, and categorization of Findings and Recommendations for improvements to CX processes.

Help System: The SuiteCX Help System includes step-by-step, background information and plenty of screen-shot images to help practitioners get their CX work done. The Help System is being released in several phases. Phase 1 is formatted in a document tree and covers all basic and many advanced usage topics. To access the Help System, simply double click the “+/-” to open or close the tree and expose the help topics by category. Practitioners get access to our deep knowledge base and detailed help images—including more than 500 help files and images.

SuiteCX University: SuiteCX University classes 100, 101 and 102 are available to all practitioners. The courses are available in both self-paced and webinar form, which take new practitioners through the basics of the software, and take seasoned practitioners through a detailed refresher (these are the same materials SuiteCX uses for its webinars).

SuiteCX 100 is a course for beginners who want to know what they can expect and accomplish with SuiteCX.

SuiteCX 101 is all about using SuiteCX’s CX capabilities from soup to nuts, including Mapping and Statistics functionality.

SuiteCX 102 dives into Diagnostics and Planning functionality, maturity modeling, gap analysis and initiative prioritization.

University Schedule:

  • Self-paced classes 100, 101 and 102—available anytime on your instance of SuiteCX
  • Webinar SuiteCX 100—Oct 25, 7:30-9AM PST
  • Webinar SuiteCX 101—Oct 26, 7:30-9:30AM PST
  • Webinar SuiteCX 102—Oct 27, 7:30-9:30AM PST

Findings and Recommendations: The long-anticipated categorization of Findings and Recommendations (FR) is a positive step in reporting Findings and Recommendations entered into Interaction Points (IPoints). In past versions of SuiteCX, all IPoint FRs would be lumped into one big group. Now practitioners can break up the IPoint FR into working initiative categories.

We’re excited to keep developing new tools and training to help our practitioners work better and create great CX experiences for their customers. 

About SuiteCX

SuiteCX® allows users to make fact-based decisions and process improvements that are grounded in the customer experience. Customer-centric diagnostics, touch inventories, experience maps, data-driven persona, customer storytelling and precision marketing are all components of this groundbreaking software. SuiteCX maps and manages the customer experience visually.

For more information about SuiteCX Software visit or contact Michael Hill CTO and President [email protected]


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