SuiteCX Announces the Atlas!

In keeping with our theme this year of listening to our customers we have deployed a couple of new features that will hopefully be quite exciting for you. We will be creating short tutorials on our YouTube channel for these upcoming demos and how to; SuiteCX YouTube Channel. Be sure to Subscribe to our channel to get alerts and updates when new videos are posted. We have 3 playlists; one for Short Tutorials, one for full-length demos, and one for thought leadership and speaking engagements. We will be reaching out one-on-one to our existing customers to explain the new features and offer demos and training on them. Extremely easy to use and intuitive we hope!

Create your own Atlas(s) in your Projects

We are excited about this one!  What is a Customer Journey Atlas? More than just a journey map, which only plots customer interactions by time and point of engagement, the Customer Journey Atlas, provides a full look at your customer’s experience set across each stage of their relationship with your organization.  It displays and makes accessible the maps as you go from high level, agile views down deeper into front stage, front and back stage and finally, persona level detail.

The Journey Atlas includes:

  1. A description of the job that the customer is “hiring” your organization to do.
  2. Key value-add/value-loss points throughout the customer journey.
  3. Customer stories and feedback from each customer journey stage to provide relatable context to crucial engagement points.

Benefits of the Journey Atlas (from Forrester):

  1. Collaborate using a shared framework and language.
  2. Facilitate communication with stakeholders about journeys.
  3. Identify and organize the journeys of specific customer groups.
  4. Represent how significant and healthy a journey is.
  5. Spot overlooked journeys to be mapped.
  6. Tell whether a map is completed, in progress, or planned (status report).
  7. Visualize how multiple journeys interrelate.

Downsides of planning without using an Atlas:

  1. Do your journey maps connect within a shared structure, or are they disparate maps that sprawl in different levels of information and loose direction?
  2. Are you continuously updating your journey maps to reflect and document changes and improvements in the business?
  3. Do you develop action plans and assign owners to address pain points in your customer journeys?

Example of a High-Level Journey Atlas:

High-Level Journey Atlas

How this Capability is enabled in SuiteCX:

You can organize your projects in SuiteCX to be structured into an Atlas. Once you have a project created, you can choose to ‘Create an Atlas’. You will simply drag and drop the maps that you have created in your project into these various levels:

  1. Parent
  2. Level 1 (drill down)
  3. Level 2 (details)
  4. Personas (segmentation)

Once your Atlas is created, you can swap maps in and out of it as needed. You can move around to different levels as needed. Also, you can do a full presentation and walkthrough by clicking into the maps from the Atlas. Once you arrive on a map that is part of the Atlas, you will be able to enlarge it from the view of any map and get yourself back into the click-through experience.  You can have multiple Atlas views as well to organize the maps for different use cases.

Our Atlas

Atlas on Map

Key Benefits of the SuiteCX Atlas:

  1. A “you are here” orientation and direct access from any map to another throughout your project.
  2. You can have 20-30 maps in your project, but maybe only 10 of those are in the Atlas so you can easily navigate to the most important maps in presentations without having to back out or got to the main map database.
  3. Organize your touchpoints, pain points, findings, and recommendations according to the Atlas (in context).
  4. Structure your SuiteCX projects in a way that is most congruent with your company’s agreed-upon Atlas.
  5. You can have multiple Atlases in a single project for different audiences and views.

Please let us know what you think! Your feedback and input is unbelievably valuable to us!

Reach out!

For those of you who are already customers, these updates are already live you don’t need to do anything to receive them. However, do reach out if you’d like someone on one coaching with the enhancements. These changes will make your SuiteCX user experience even better.  We will be reaching out to everyone with some training content and will be happy to help you with your first Atlas setups. Enjoy the new features and thank you for being loyal and long-standing customers of our software!

Get Started with SuiteCX!

For those of you who have been on the fence about allowing SuiteCX to help you diagnose, understand, and plan your optimized customer experience, do contact us to get started with a free demo and consultation!

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