SuiteCX forms regional strategic partnership with Ellipsis and company

Oakland, California – September 23, 2014

SuiteCX®, the world`s leading software for customer process and journey mapping, customer-centric diagnostics and data-driven personas has formed a strategic long-term alliance with Ellipsis & Company, a leader in Customer Experience Management (CXM) and Loyalty in Asia Pacific.

The exclusive commercial partnership for both firms will extend and deepen Ellipsis`s customer experience management capabilities and will benefit Ellipsis`s clients with a multi-dimensional suite of tools designed to visualize customer journeys in order to create customer-centric engagement strategies. suitecx`s tool set further extends Ellipsis`s clients` capabilities in providing clients with a comprehensive understanding of consumer behavior and recommendations to improve marketing ROI.

As part of the agreement, we have invited Ellipsis to join the suitecx Advisory Board.
Tim Tyler, Managing Partner of Ellipsis said: “This strategic partnership gives Ellipsis dedicated access to a capability that is without doubt best in class. The requirement to understand and improve the interactions between customers and brands is now critical. With Suitecx, we have access to a proven and experienced team of sophisticated customer experience professionals to meet the complex needs of our clients. We couldn`t be more excited about bringing the platform to Asia Pacific.”

Valerie Peck, CEO of suitecx said: “In Ellipsis, we have found a collaborative partner that gives us access to one of the most exciting geographies globally. Ellipsis has developed a unique suite of products focused on helping companies on their journey to customer centricity. We`re excited that suitecx will be powering the Ellipsis team as they continue to grow and expand.

Adam Schaffer spearheads Ellipsis operation in Melbourne and previously worked for Bain & Company and Nectar (Europe`s largest loyalty program). Adam said: “Successful businesses need a loyal customer base. This can only be achieved by developing an underlying strategy informed by data and analytical insights. suitecx provides us with the scientific approach to customer strategy, which will ensure we help our clients meet their customers` needs anytime, anywhere.”

About Suitecx
Suitecx is a multi-dimensional suite of tools designed to enable marketing and sales professionals to visualize impact, cost and ROI based on customer, employee and institutional viewpoints.
Further enquiries about suitecx: [email protected]

About Ellipsis:
Ellipsis & Company (Ellipsis) help their clients become customer centric. They use Customer Science to build and improve customer facing programs and activities, specializing in customer experience management and loyalty.
Further enquiries about Ellipsis: [email protected]

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