SuiteCX Isn’t Afraid of a Few Thousand Touch Points

tech_blog1This Halloween, don’t let gobs of customer touch points scare you.  SuiteCX is the best solution for organizations with large volumes of customer interaction points. With a database designed to handle thousands of interactions with an intuitive, spreadsheet-like interface, and maps that render quickly in your browser, SuiteCX was built from the ground up to support large, diverse organizations and their data.

We have been committed to serving the unique needs of large customers from the very beginning.  In fact, with our very first client we were engaged by an organization with 2,866 customer touch points across its 8 departments and 12 partners. This equated to an average of 7.8 interactions per day for the customer.  The organization wanted to understand the impact of this on the customer, and they wanted to see it in one place, on a single map.

Just for shock value, 2,866 touch points are very impressive to look at. But without the right tool, rendering that much data visually is a challenge, and managing such a large volume of touch points is a nightmare for many teams.  SuiteCX provides all the tools a large organization needs to easily gather, manage, store, and display the thousands of interactions with the customer.

Core Features of SuiteCX

SuiteCX has several core features, processes and a business practice that make us uniquely qualified to serve large organizations.  Some of the key features that specifically support the needs of large organizations include:

  • Dedicated Servers with 1 terabyte of redundant storage – This allows an organization with large volumes of interaction points (IPoints) to centralize customer experience/journey information in a safe and separate environment. We can either manage the environment for you or we can place a server in your data center on your storage area appliance for even greater scalability.
  • No limits to the number of users – Large organizations/teams with diverse departments and distribution partners can all participate in the customer experience management process with no additional license fees. We can also assist you in keeping your data fresh through automatic updates and virtual assistance – truly applied CX.
  • Frameless maps – Our frameless maps render to your browser in a fraction of the time of grid maps/block diagrams – so you can see the entire volume and print it
  • Database 1 IPoint management system – Designed specifically to deal with high volume IPoint organizations to make managing high volume of interactions possible in a more comfortable and intuitive spreadsheet-like interface.
  • The SuiteCX import/export interface – Allows you to add IPoints as they are gathered, directly to a map that shows the customer experience/journey specific to a department or distribution partner. You can easily work with each group in your extended organization to get the interaction level data then added it to SuiteCX as it is finished taking a giant task and making it manageable.
  • Printing large map documents – We are happy to help print large map documents – just call/email support and we will schedule a technician to assist you in A0 or B0 size paper renderings to PDF.
  • Professional Services – We can work with you to gather your customer interaction information for you with our professional service team. After we have gathered and loaded all your customer experience information, we will train you/your team in how to manage it, or continue to management it for you as long as you need us – SuiteCX is more than just software.

Although I was intimidated, maybe even a little scared, when presented with 2866 touch points – most organizations have less than 450 – but SuiteCX banished my fears, enabling a professional, beautiful, and “unhaunting” experience for both our client and our team.

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