SuiteCX Kicks off the New Year with New Editors

From the desk of Julie St. John, SuiteCX Technologist and Trainer

It’s a new year and SuiteCX is evolving to keep up with our customers’ demands and requests. Our goal with this last wave of enhancements is you, the user. We want to make the user experience easier, more intuitive, and involve fewer steps. We’ve made some recent changes to create more inline editing capabilities with our new IPoint editors. These changes should make your editing at the interaction level faster and easier.

Time to Upgrade

New IPoint Editor

We have changed the IPoint Editor. This should be simpler for you as a user. Now you can do all your IPoint edits in one place instead of using our tabbed approach. For those of you who knew what our DPC represented (just different IPoint data elements), this will also combine all IPoint contextual data into one editor (diagnostics, collaboration, and campaign). You can forget all about the differences between D/P/C (yay!). The new editor is still accessible by simply clicking on the name of the IPoint you want to edit, and you will see the changes immediately.

New Ipoint Editor

We’ve also expanded our “Scores” section as noted in our previous blog on statistics and the auto graph maps. We’ve got 6 key scores now, previously we only had 3. We have 3 for customer and 3 for company. Fill those out if you can, so you can use the auto graph map features and the statistics package as part of your outputs and deliverables. You can really WOW your clients.

IPoint Editor 360 Summary View

Selecting from the options above to go to the 360 view of your IPoint 360 Arrows (using this toggle above in your IPoint editor), will take you to a new and improved 360 summary view of your IPoint. The data that shows here will depend on what data your IPoint has associated with it (things you added via the editor or via your upload procedure).

IPoint Editor 360 Summary View

IPoint Editor 360 Summary View (what’s this used for?)

Some people use these summary views as actual client deliverables. Does your client want to know what kind of insights you’ve been able to capture at the IPoint level? Remember, this is an interaction where your customer is connecting with your company or brand, so these are very important. Critical when diagnosing a problem or recognizing a best practice. These details do matter. Some teams have these IPoint 360 summaries printed out on the wall for walkthroughs and interactive workshops. Some have created binders for all the IPoint for stakeholders to take with them and debate, analyze, or approve. Be creative, and remember the summary views are only as good as your data and your research. Reach out to us if you need help making your data richer and more insightful. This IPoint has a persona associated with it so you can see that extra detail in the summary view.


Get Started with SuiteCX!

For those of you who are already customers, these updates are already live you don’t need to do anything to receive them. However, do reach out if you’d like some one on one coaching with the enhancements. These changes will make your SuiteCX user experience even better.

For those of you who have been on the fence about allowing SuiteCX to help you diagnose, understand, and plan your optimized customer experience, do contact us to get started with your own license!

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