SuiteCX® Launches a Dynamic New Tool for CX Practitioners: User Configurable Journey Maps

SuiteCX® is excited to announce our latest innovation. User Configurable Journey Maps help create a more complete view of the customer journey by allowing practitioners to creatively and dynamically embed rich visual content into their Customer Journey Maps.

In the current beta release, users can create a stack of functionality to demonstrate anything that customer experience practitioners might need to show about the customer journey and experience. A host of rich content can be embedded into Customer Journey Maps, including images, video, text, charts/graphs, findings, recommendations, initiatives, customer objectives, personas/segments, timelines, heat maps, and more.

The release of User Configurable Journey Maps is a giant step forward for practitioners’ creativity. Practitioners can now “stack” SuiteCX story maps to show comparisons of customer journeys—such as before and after views or journey and contact strategies. Three maps can be stacked to show three different experiences of customer segments side by side. A stack of up to six story maps can be created with surrounding graphs and images.

Practitioners can now demonstrate the links between Customer Journey Maps and recommendations, pain points, moments that matter, initiatives, and customer objectives. The environment of “the stack” is refreshingly flexible in creating professional presentations about the customer. The stack offers up to 30 text areas with WYSIWYG editors to enter valuable dialog into Customer Journey Maps—such as doing, thinking, and feeling or comments about the customer journey stages.

This latest innovation is another example of our work to provide CX practitioners with great tools to design and execute their CX visions.

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